Teaching Physical Education As a Profession From the Point of View of Specialists In Jordanian Society

Ghassan N. Haj Saleh, Bassam A. Mismar


The purpose of this study was to identify the properties of reputable professions and their applications to physical education from the viewpoint of physical education specialists.
A questionnaire was designed to fulfill the purpose of the study. The study sample was chosen purposively. Individuals (n = 726) distributed into physical education worker in the field (faculty members at the university, physical education supervisors, physical education teachers, as well as senior physical education students, at Jordanian universities. Data were gathered and treated statistically by using (SPSS) model.
The results of the study revealed that the study sample determines that teaching physical education could be considered as one of professions because of its congruency with the properties of those reputable professions,. Also, the results showed significant statistical differences at(∞ ≤.05) level of significance pertaining to profession properties domain , when taking occupational levels of the sample into account, where the responses of higher occupations such as PE university faculty members, and those who have higher qualifications such as graduate degree holders, and those teachers who have greater experiences, in addition to those individuals who work on private sectors such as private schools and institutions as well as UNRWA school teachers.


Physical Education, Specialists, Profession.

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