The Degree of Possession of Arabic Language Teachers to Education Technology Efficiencies from Their Point View

Abeer Rashed Alelaimat


This study aimed to know the degree of possession of Arabic language teachers to education technology efficiencies from their point view.
The study sample consisted 0f (80) male and famale teachers of Arabic Language teachers in schools at Salt, and to achieve the objective of the study, researcher prepared Questionnaire consisted of (48) the adequacy of distributed (5) areas, and data processing statistically been using arithmetic means and standard deviations and t-test, where results showed that the Arabic language teachers have (11) the adequacy of very large extent, (30) the adequacy significantly Technological Skills due to sex education. The results showed the presence of statistically significant differences in the degree of ownership due to the variable experience for the benefit of experienced ten years and more, and in the light of the results researcher recommends:
 Enrich teacher preparation programs at Universities Courses more in the field of education technology, especially in the field.
 Holding training courses for teachers of Arabic language in the course of the service is based on educational technology competencies, especially in the area of production means and educational programs
 Conduct studies on the adequacy of teacher preparation programs in the development of educational technology competencies among students of teachers in Universities, especially in the field of information and communication technology.


Efficiencies, Arabic Language Teachers, Educational Technology.

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