E-Learning From Students' Points of View in College of Education in Sultan Qaboos University

Salha A. Issan, Wajeha T. Al-Ani


The aim of the study was to investigate the e-learning situation at the college of education with regards to its advantages and disadvantages from students' view points, and if there were any significant differences at (a=0.05 ) between students’ view points related to their gender, specialties, level of study year, grade point average, residency, knowledge in computer, attended courses in E-Learning and hour number average of using internet weekly.

Data were obtained from (165) students represented of (17.06%) of total population. To collect data, a questionnaire consisted of (46) items represented advantages and disadvantages uses of E-Learning. Using Chronpach-Alpha, the reliability of the questionnaire was (0.775).

The results indicate that one of the most advantages of E-Learning is to increase cooperative learning space, narrowing the gab between student-teacher and student-student interactive through discussion-board, and developed their computer skills. According to disadvantages, the results of the study showed that the luck of, and insufficient number of computer equipment and facing difficulties in university's site connection.

The result also showed that there were a significant differences at (a=0.05 ) between students' responses average mean in the part of disadvantages related to gender in favor of female, and those who attend E-Learning course in favor of those who did not. According to these results, several recommendations and suggestion were drawn.


Advantages of E-Learning and Disadvantages, College of Education Student-Learning, Uses of (WebCT)and (Moodle) Programs in E-Learning

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