A Comparative Study of Some Indicators of Aerobic and Unaerobic Abilities for Team-Games Players

Mahmoud D. AL-Rubeiy, Sewsan H. Obaid


Aerobic and unaerobic abilities are considered the source of producing the energy, which enables the body to do physical activities for the longest possible period, according to the type of activity performed and the role of the player. therefore ,the indurance of the respiratory system should be high to help the player do the biochemical operations that generate the aerobic energy depending on the Oxygen.

The research aims at identifying some indicators of aerobic and unaerobic abilities for team-gamesُ  players and comparing them with each other.

The researcher chooses the descriptive approach / survey study and reaches the following condusions:-

1.        There are relative differences in the rules registered for the aerobic ability indicators (Phosphagenetic and lactic) for the players since no significant differences are registered.

2.        No significant differences are found in Coins Test results (aerobic ability) between the four groups of the study.

3.        A significant relationship is found in the part of the players in (PWC 170) test, the handball players, than the basketball players and finally the volleyball players.

The researcher recommends the following: -                               

1.        Emphasizing the importance of developing the aerobic and the unaerobic abilities according to the rature of each game and as it achieves the functional competency.

2.        There should be an association between the aerobic and the unaerobic training for racket players because this is the physical base for them.


Aerobic Abilities, Unaerobic Abilities, Team Games

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