Instructional Competences possessed by Student-Teachers Trainees in Cooperative Schools from the Perspective of Cooperative Teachers

Mohammad Hasan Al-Tarawneh


This study aimed at identifying the instructional competences possessed by student-teachers trainees in cooperative schools from the perspective of cooperative teachers. The study sample consisted of (98) cooperative teachers (4 males and 94 females). To achieve the purpose of the study, a questionnaire that included (52) items was constructed by the researcher and distributed within four competences. The results of the study showed that instructional competences possessed by student-teachers were as follow: instructional planning, personal and social competences, implementation of instruction and instructional evaluation. Furthermore, the results of the study revealed significant differences between the means of the cooperative teacher’s perspectives about the instructional competences due to the variable of experience years in favor of teachers with longer experience. In the light of these results, the study suggested some recommendations.


Instructional Competences; Student-Teacher; Cooperative School; Cooperative Teacher


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