Styles of Dominant Organizational Climate among Schools Principals in Jerash Governorate and its Relation to Teachers’ Morale

Baker A. Abu Hajeleh, Mohammad Aboud Al-harahsheh


The purpose of this study is to investigate styles of dominant organizational climate among schools Principals in Jerash governorate and its relation to Teachers’ moral status. To achieve the aim of this study the researcher used the questionnaire to explore the styles of organizational climate and moral status. To achieve the aim of the study the researcher chose a random sample consisting of (674) male and female teachers as he administrated on them two questionnaire as each of them consisted of (32) items with all reliability and validity measures. To answer the study questions the researcher applied means and standard deviations, and Pearson coefficient. The study concluded the findings of the study showed that the styles of the organizational Climate and moral status were in a high degree.
Moreover, the findings indicated that there is a positive significant statistical relation between the styles of organizational climate and the domains of moral status. Based on the findings the researcher recommended the necessity of taking careful consideration for the physical equipment that may enhance the moral status of teachers as well as activating the partnership between the school and the local community.


Organizational Climate, Moral Status. Jerash Governorate, Teachers, School Principals.

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