The Case of the Violent Behavior Among Al-al Bayt University Students and the Effect of Some Variables on It from Students' perspectives

Mohamed M. Al-Khawaldeh, Reem M. Al-Zou'bi


Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the reasons of the violent behavior among Al- al Bayt University students and the effect of seven variables on it. A questionnaire was designed and distributed to (381) students, selected randomly.
The statistical treatments of the data showed the following results:
 The reasons of the violent behavior at Al al Bayt University were due to students' frustration, lack of mutual respect, lack of awareness programs to university violence, and the tribal intolerance.
 There were significant differences due to following variables: students' cumulative average in favor of low average, students' academic level, in favor of bachelor stage, and student's major, in favor of scientific faculties. In light of the results, researchers suggested increasing college students' awareness to the seriousness of the university violence in lectures and seminars


The violent behavior, university violence, Al-al Bayt University students

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