The Predictive Ability for Job and Demographic Factors in Motivation Level of Science Teachers Towards School Work in Jerash Schools

M. Bani Khalaf, F. Al-Qublan


This research aimed at identifying the demographic and job factors that have predicted ability of motivation level toward schoolwork. The research sample consisted of (225) science teachers in Jerash schools. The research instruments were two: a questionnaire consisted of (37) items represented the most prominent aspects of motivation, and the other questionnaire consisted of (32) factors that may affect motivation. The Findings showed that there were (18) factors out of (32) had a predictive ability, and the feel of accomplishment and incentives regarding health insurance and Pension were the strongest predicting variables of motivation toward schoolwork. In addition, the demographic factors have no effect on predicting motivation. Finally, in light of these findings, a number of recommendations were stated.


Motivation, Science Teachers, School Work, Job and Demographic Factors, Prediction, Multiple Linear Regression Analysis.

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