The Technical Competencies Availability Degree of King Abdullah II Schools and Pioneer Centers Principals from their Teacher’s Point of Views

Awnia Abu Snaina


The study aimed at inquiring the technical competencies availability degree of King Abdullah II schools and pioneer centers principals from their teachers point of views.
The researcher developed four- dimensions questionnaire:
The first dimension measures the principals competencies in their specialty area, while the second dimension measures the area of student affaires.The third dimension concentrates on the area of teachers and the school community، while the fourth dimension measures the competencies toward parents and the local community.
The sample of the study consisted of (209) teachers, and the results showed that the technical competencies availability degree of school principals was medium as a whole and for every dimension.
Also there were no statistical significant differences (0.05) in the teachers` point of views due to the sex and qualification variables, while there were differences according to their experience variable، in favor of those who had (5) years and below.


Availability Degree، The Technical Competencies، Talented Schools.

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