Derivation Jordanian Norms of Bar-On Emotional intelligence - Scale in Jordanian Sample

Alia Mohammed Saleh Al-Oweidi, Farouq Farea Kaftan Al-Rousan


The Aim of this study is to derive Jordanian Norms for the Bar-On Emotional intelligence: youth version scale in a Jordanian sample. The study sample consists of (1214) students, including (613) regular students and (601) gifted students taking from three regions in Jordan randomly. Bar - on emotional intelligence: youth version which consists of (60) items has been used in this study. The results have shown that the developed scale has a validity significance through the following methods, the discriminatory validity, the factor analysis, and the certified interior construction. The results also show that the scale has reliability indicators shown by Cronbach alpha method, the equivalent version method, and the testing- retesting method. To reach the performance norms, tables for the (Transformer Standard Scores, TSS) corresponding to the raw scores for each age group on the main dimensions and the total degree of the scale (Emotional Quotient) have been set, at the end of this study the researchers suggest some recommendations.


Emotional Intelligence, Bar-On EQ-i: Youth Version scale, gifted students.

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