The Effect of Type of Study and Gender Variables

Ali Al-Shak'a


This study aimed at identifying the academic adjustment among Al-Najah University and Al-Quds Open University students. Also it aimed at investigating the effect of type of study and gender variables on academic adjustment .
For the purpose of the study, a questionnaire consisting of (36) items was used, distributed among the study sample consisting of (759) students
The results revealed that the level of academic adjustment among Al-Najah University and Al-Quds Open University students was moderate, where the percentage of response was (69.33%), and the best rank order of domains was for Attachment/Goal Commitment domain (76.66%), and the lowest rank order was for Personal-Emotional Adjustment (64.66%).
Furthermore, the results showed that there were significant differences at (α = 0.05) level of academic adjustment between male and female in favor of male students, also, between organized and open learning in favor of organized learning, while there were no significant differences in academic adjustment due to the interaction between type of learning and gender.
Based on the study findings the researcher recommended that universities should focus on developing curricula which concentrate in developing Personal-Emotional Adjusting.


Academic Adjustment, An-Najah University, Al-Quds Open University

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