The Effectiveness of Weblog on al Aqsa University Students' Achievement and Attitudes in the Instructional Technology Course.

Hassan Abd Ullh Elnajar


The study aimed at identifying the effectiveness of weblog on Al Aqsa University students' achievement in instructional technology Course and students’ attitudes towards it. The study sample consisted of (80) male and female students equally distributed into experimental and control groups: The experimental group subjects received instruction using weblog whereas the control group subjects received traditional instruction.
Pre and post tests and an attitude scale were used. The findings revealed the existence of statistically significant differences between the pre and post administration of the test in favour of the post administration. However, the experimental group subjects outperformed the control group subjects in achievement and attitudes. This means that the weblog was highly effective in improving achievement and attitudes according to Mac Jojian equation.


electronic weblogs, effectiveness, instructional technology.


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