The Effect of a Practicum Program at the Hashemite University on The Concerns of Student Teachers

Theodora De Baz, Mahmoud El-Weher


This study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of the practicum program at the Hashemite University on the concerns of student teachers. These concerns were detected through utilizing a modified form of the Teacher Concerns Checklist developed by Fuller and Borich (1988) after translating it into Arabic. The study sample consisted of 30 science field teachers enrolled in the practicum course during the academic year 2003/2004. The 45-item instrument is a self-report indicating student teachers' personal judgment about the level of their teaching concerns, as related to the three areas: self, task, and impact. The findings showed that the area of concern that appeared to feature more highly, prior and after the practicum course, is the self, and the highest change in concerns occurred in the impact. Moreover, the results revealed that the practicum course had an effect on increasing student teachers' task and impact concerns. In light of the findings, academic supervisors and cooperating teachers should be fully aware of the concerns typically held by student teachers in order to help them deal with the problems that do arise. Conducting additional research to be carried on larger samples of student teachers from various fields of specialty is also recommended.


Practicum, Concers, Student Teachers, Hashemite University

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