Misconceptions about the States of Matter among 12th Grade's in Riyadh City

Fahad S. Alshaya, Abdullah A. Alharbi


The aim of this analytical descriptive study was to determine the nature of 12th Grader's understanding of concepts related to the states of matter. To achieve this goal, a sample of 184 students was randomly selected by using the cluster strategy, and a research tool, which is part of the Evidence-based Practice in Science Education project was applied to the sample of the study.

The results of this study have indicated that12th Grader's in Riyadh city had misconceptions related to the three states of matter, such as:- ac confusion between the concept of fusion and the concept of dissolution, the ambiguity of the words flow & poured, relating the cause of gas spread to particles movements, neglecting the role of the particles in the formation ofcrystals, and a believe that air particles are round or circular.


Chemistry, misconceptions, chemical concepts, states of matter ( solid , liquid & gas

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