Studying the Reality of Student Applying the Practicum Program in the Light of the Modern Physical Education Curricula’s from the Point of View of the Student and Their Cooperative teachers

Rami Saleh Halaweh, Abdelsalam Jaber Hussein, Mohammed Alzuboon, Khaled Alsarhan


The purpose of the current study was to study the reality of student applying the practicum program in the light of the modern physical education curricula from the point of view of the student and their cooperative teachers. The sample consisted of (131) male and female teachers and 66 male and female students.
After data analysis, the results reflected that the reality of the students become in a high degree (from their perspective).
The results showed that students with “very good” for the acculturated average were better in applying the practicum program compared to those with the “good or below” accumulated average.
When comparing the practicum program of the students applying in the government at schools they were applying and doing better compared to those who applied in the private schools.
The cooperative teachers addressed a moderate degree evaluation (from their perspective) for the students reality in applying the practicum program, In addition the cooperative teachers in private schools were better in evaluating and supervising the students compared to the governmental schools.
It was recommended to take in to consideration the opinion of the cooperative teachers to enhance the reality of the students who apply the practicum program in the light of the physical education curricula.


Physical Education Curricula’s, The Practicum Program.

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