The Criterion of Health Subjects in the Islamic Education Curriculums for the Primary Stage According to Teachers’ Point of View

Ali N. Al-azzam, Fatima M. Al-Sroor, Mohammad N. Al-azzam


This study has aimed to un cover if the Islamic education curriculums for the eighth grade have health education criterion according to the teachers’ points of view in (IRBID the first). to do this the following question has been answered?
What are the criterions of the health Education and if they have found health subject in the Islamic education for the primary stage Education curriculums.
The Sample of the study consisted of (82) female and male teachers. The study of this research shows that Islamic education according to the teachers Of Islamic material has been found but in moderate rates (3.06). This study shows also that there are statistical differences due to certificate and the years of experience.
The researchers recommended reconsidering the Islamic education curriculums, adding to them health educational subjects.


Islamic Education Curriculums, Eighth Grade, Irbid the First.

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