The Degree of The 4th Grade Student's Acquisition for Akadyah Concepts Included In Islamic Education Books of The Three Primary Grades in Busaira District

Khalid A. Alsoudi


The study aimed to recognize the degree of the 4th grade student's acquisition for Akadyah concepts included in Islamic Education books of the three primary grades in Busaira district. The sample consisted of (333) students (male and female) distributed into (18) sections in (12) schools chosen by clustered random way and achievement test was constructed to measure the acquisition of the concepts. The test consists of (30) items.
The results indicated that: The total number of Akadyah concepts is (102), the Elahyat domain forms (47.05%), the Nobowat domain forms (28.43%) and Hearings domain forms (24.50%). The fourth grade students (male and female) acquisition for the Akadyah concepts was (0.52) which is less than the reasonable educational level (60%). There are statistically significant differences for the means of student's acquisition of Akadyah concepts to level (&) (0.05 = attributed to the variable of gender and to the favor of female and to scientific achievements to the favor of high level.
The researcher recommends that the syllabus of the three primary grades should be taught by specialists and teachers should be trained before and in-service on methods of teaching Akadyah concepts


Akadyah concepts, Islamic Education, Three primary grades.

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