The Contribution of the Course of National Education in Promoting the Concepts of Political and National unity among the Students of Jordanian Universities from their Point of View

Amani Ghazi Jarrar, Ali Abdelkarim Al-Kassab


This study aimed at identifying the contribution of the course of National Education in promoting the concepts of political and national unity among the students of Jordanian universities from their point of view, and to achieve the goal of the study, a questionnaire was built as a tool consisting of (63) items ,that were distributed in three areas:
The field of national concepts ,consisting of (26) paragraphs ,the history of Jordan (ancient and modern), including (29) paragraphs ,and the area of Arab and world political changes , consisting of (8) paragraphs, and to analyze the results of the study , both researchers used mathematical averages and standard deviations, analysis of variance , multiple analysis of variance and the four-way statistical analysis of variance.
The results of this study showed that the area of national concepts has occupied the first rank ,and that the presence of statistically significant differences appear on all areas related to gender and were explained positively for females, and no presence of variance appeared as statistically significant differences in the areas of national concepts, and the history of Jordan ancient and modern if taken due to the variable of college, while statistically significant differences were clear at the political changes ,and that was considered for the benefit of science colleges.The study also clarifies that there is no presence of statistically significant differences in all areas that were due to the variable (level of study).The study recommended the need to develop the spirit of political participation among students in Jordanian universities, and the need to encourage them to practice these concepts and employ them successfully in the life process.


Methods of Teaching Social Studies, Political Concepts, National Unity, and the Jordanian Universities

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