Assessing the Educational Administrative needs for the Special Education Schools in Jordan

Raja Salem Abu-Mraighi, Mohammad Saleem Al Zboon


This study aimed at assessing the educational and managerial needs for the special education schools in Jordan. To achieve such goal, a questionnaire was created; benefited from the educational literature related to needs and adequacies. It consisted of four areas in forty paragraphs. Those four areas are as follows: planning, relations with the domestic society, educational supervision, assessment.
This questionnaire was implemented by all principles of the twelve special education schools in Jordan after being checked for truthfulness and accuracy.
We concluded the following results:
- The status of the educational management abilities that the principles of the special education schools have in the planning area is to create a comprehensive annual plan for the school budget, and the funding coming from the governmental and private sector to be spent on the different activities of the school, in the assessment part these abilities are in auditing the school’s financial reports and monitoring school’s monthly spending. In the local society, the principle’s job is to emphasize the school role, being important in the different society associations and to empower teachers relationship with this society.
- The educational management abilities, that the principles of special education schools should have in the planning area, are to identify the general goals of the school to be synchronized with the special education and the society goals, in the assessment it is done in auditing financial reports and monitor monthly spending of the school, and design parents’ programs for children with special needs to help them teach their children the appropriate skills and behaviors from home.
- The educational managerial needs in the planning field emerge by improving the educational curriculum that matches students needs with the help of specialized teachers in the special education.
Defending on those results, researcher recommends the Ministry of Education create assessment forms to necessitate special education schools principles’ to assess their teachers, to cooperate with special education professionals and to design and develop educational curriculums to match students needs.


Educational Administrative needs, Head of Special Education School.

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