A proposed Strategy to Improve the Mathematics Learning of the Saudi Students Regarding the International Competitions (TIMSS)

Hashem Saeed Al-Shaikhy


The main objective of the study is developing a strategy that helps in improving of the mathematics level of the Saudi Students on the international competitions (TIMSS).
To achieve the previous aim, the results have been reviewed in order to identify the actual level of mathematics acquisition of the students of the Islamic, Arabic and Gulf countries according to the results of the international competitions (TIMMS).Then, comparing the level of mathematics acquisition of the Saudi students with those of the other countries, and with the international students.
The results of the study has shown that the Saudi students’ acquisition in mathematics is weak; and the students of the other countries who have taken part in TIMSS competitions (including Islamic, Arabic and Gulf countries) have surpassed their Saudi competitive despite the huge capacities of Saudi Arabia in all fields.
According to the study's results, it has concluded the preparation of a proposed strategy to improve the mathematics acquisition of the Saudi Students and positively influence the participation of the future international competitions.
The study has recommended the implementation of that strategy by one of the related agencies in the kingdom (Ministry of Education-King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology, The Excellence Center of Science and Mathematics Education at King Saud University in Riyadh). The researcher hopes that the projected study will improve the mathematics education in Saudi Arabia and helps in fulfilling the needs as well as accomplishing the objectives of the society.


TIMSS, Proposed Strategy, Teaching and Learning of Mathematics.

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