The Role of Governmental Secondary School Principal in the Professional Development of Teachers in the North of the West Bank

Allan Othman, Mohammad Dabous, Hassan Tayyem


This study aimed at investigating the role of government secondary school principal in the Professional development of teachers in north of the West Bank. In addition, it explains the impact of the following variables: sex, years of administrative experience, specialty, academic qualification, and the site of the school, in the professional development of teachers. To achieve the objective of the study ,the researchers developed a questionnaire consisted of (48) items distributed to five domains: curricula and methodology management of education, human relations and communication, self-homework of teacher, and supervision. The questionnaire was distributed to a sample study consisted of (92) males and females principals in different countries in north of the West Bank. The study, also, revealed that the role of governmental secondary schools was high on all five domains, and there are no significant differences attributed to :sex, years of administrative experience sand site of the school. Also ,the results revealed significant differences attributed to :specialty in the favour of human sciences. There were significant differences related academic qualification in favour of post-graduate to diploma on all five domains in favour of post-graduate to two domains: curricula and methodology and supervision. There were significant differences in favour of B.A to diploma in two domains: human relations and communication and principal homework. The results revealed that there were many obstacles limit professional development of teachers, such as: highness of teachers classes load, absence of material and moral incentives. The researchers recommended to reduce teachers loads of classes and reinforced principals’ role in professional teachers development.


Prafessional Development, school Principle, The North of The West Bank.

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