Moral Values System Included In Islamic Education Text Books for Basic Grades (1ST- 10TH) In Jordan

Huda K. Mansour, Hamed A. Tlafha


This study aimed at revealing moral values that should be included in Islamic education text books for the basic Grades in Jordan. Also the study aimed to reveal moral values already included in these textbooks. To achieve this study attempted to answer the following questions:

The study population consists of Islamic education textbooks for the basic grades in Jordan. The researchers used the philosophic analysis approach in order to be guided to moral values that should be included in these textbook. Content analysis was used to reveal the moral values that are included in these textbooks. This was done depending on the full sentence as an analysis unit.

The study instruments was designed as a pre-prepared classification of the moral values. Its validity was approved by presenting it to a group of referees. The analysis reliability was insured by repeating it twice.

Results showed that moral values, which should be included in Islamic education text books for the basic grades, are arranged hierarically into four domains: Individual Moral Values, Family Moral Values, Civil Moral Values, and Intra-national Moral Values.

When percentages were compared these were concluded: The percentage of sentences that contain moral values is 28%, percentage of the number of moral values contained in the textbooks is 64% of the total moral values that should be included. The highest percentage is the percentage of the presence of individual moral values, the second was the domain of civil moral values, then the family moral values, and the least was the domain of intra-national moral values.

Researchers recommended to review the moral content of the Islamic Education curriculum and textbooks, and to adopt an ethical-value system that is rationally constructed, and to put standards for the ethical content of the curriculum.


Islamic Education Textbooks, Ethical Values, Basic Education.

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