The Effectiveness of an Attribution Training Program on Improving Achievement among University Students

Ahmad Alzig


Research confirmed the possibility of changing the way pupils use to attribute their success and failure. The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of an attribution training program and gender on achievement. The sample consisted of 150 (120 females, 30 males) students from the University of Jordan.
A program of attribution training has been developed for the purpose of this study. The members of an experimental group have been subjected to the program, whereas the members of an equivalent control group have been subjected to nothing. To answer the research questions, means and standard deviations for students' scores were obtained. Further, two way analysis of covariance (2x2) was performed to investigate the effect of attribution training, gender and their possible interactions. Main findings indicated that there was a significant effect for attribution training on students' achievement. Also, second, there was no significant effect for gender and the interaction between attribution training and gender. These findings emphasize the importance of improving students' ability to attribute their success and failure.


Causal Attribution, Attribution Training, Motivation, Achievement, Higher Education

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