The Course of the Fundamentals of Islamic Education in Jazan University (K.S.A); from the University Students' Viewpoints: An Evaluative Study

Wae'l Abdurrahman AL-Tal


The present study aims at evaluating the course of the fundamentals of Islamic education in Jazan University from the university students' viewpoints. It also aims at identifying the impact of academic specialization, academic level, and general grade in determining the above-mentioned evaluation. To achieve these objectives, a measurement of evaluating academic course was built and developed by the researcher, which was consisted of (35) items. The survey study sample consisted of (460) students who were selected by using statistical random sampling. The results of the study showed the level of the intended course under investigation which is generally average. There are significant statistically differences among the average grades of individuals of the sample, which were all attributed to advantages of the students' academic level in the 3rd and 4th year at university. Findings did not indicate statistically differences, which are due to academic specialization and general grade.


Academic Quality, Academic Criterion, Merits Criterion, Performance Criterion, Content Criterion, Evaluation, University Academic Course, The Fundamentals of Islamic Education, Jazan University

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