The Degree of Arabic Language Teachers' Practice in Teaching Critical Reading at the Basic Tenth Grade and its Effect on Students’ Achievement and Attitudes Toward Reading

Suad Abd-Elkareem Alwaeli, Diya Mohammad Abu-Alruz


This study aimed at measuring the degree of arabic language teachers' practice in teaching critical reading at the basic tenth grade and its effect on students achievement and attitudes toward reading. to achieve the aims of the study, the researcher chose a random sample of (40) male and female teachers. The researchers used two instruments, which are observation form and an achievement test in reading: then they ascertained their validity and reliability. The observation form included five major skills for critical reading: distinction, method, absorption, inference and decision-making. The test included two chosen texts with a number of multiple choice questions. Results showed that the students, whose teachers practice the skills at the intermediate level, achieved better than those whose teachers practice these skills at the low level. Results also revealed that the students, whose teachers practice the skills at a large degree, achieved better than those whose teachers practiced them at the low level. In addition, results showed no difference among students’ achievement according to teachers’ degree of practice. Finally, the results showed no difference between students’ achievement toward reading according to the type of practice.


Skills, Critical Reading, Basic Tenth Grade, Student Achievement, Attitudes

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