The Concept of Knowledge Economy and the Roles of Teachers Renewable from the Viewpoint of Secondary Teachers in Jordan and its Relationship with some Variables

Natheer Sihan Abu-Nair, Khaled Ali Al Sarhan, Mohammad Saleem Al-Zboon


The study aimed at revealing the concept of knowledge economy from the point of view of the Jordan high school teachers and there renewed roles and its relationship to gender variable and their Scientific qualification and teaching experiences. Where as the educational community has been formed from high school teachers at the Ministry of Education of Al-salt municipality, their total sum reached (398) teachers of both genders, while the study specimen has been formed of (120) teachers, who were chosen randomly, a questionnaire has been developed out of 26 paragraphs, and suitable statistical methods were used to analyze information.
The study results revealed that the concept of knowledge economy and their renewed roles had gained a high understanding through it, and it also showed that there are no statistical differences at the level of (a 0.05), of the level of high school teachers' understanding of the concept of knowledge economy and their renewed roles through it, due to gender variables, scientific qualification and education experiences. On the light of the study outcomes, the researchers have presented several recommendations to help those who set the educational policy in Jordan and the teachers in order to improve the working fields in the educational occupation and raising their capacity.


Knowledge Economy, Teachers Roles

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