The Attitudes of The Tenth Class of the Basic Stage Students in the Public Schools of Amman Educational Directories Towards the Information and Comunication Technology and the Obstacles that Confront them in Practicing

Rima I. Al-Ghishan, Zuhria I. Abdulhaq


This study aims at finding the Attitudes of the students of the Tenth Class of the Basic Stage students in the Public Schools of Amman Educational Directorates, towards the Information and Comunication Technology, and the Obstacles that confront them in practicing.

This study is based on a sample of (443) students (193 males, and 250 females) enrolled in the tenth grade of Amman Educational Directorates in the school year 2004/2005. the researchers used the Descriptive Surveying system.

- Results show a positive attitudes of the students towardes Information and Comunication Technology.

  • - Results show a significant differences between males and females attitudes towards Information and Comunication technology on behalf of females.
  • - Results show that the students attitude towards Information and Comunication technology is influenced by school results variable. A difference exists between low-grade and high-grade students. The latter's attitude was better than for former. No disctinction occurs between lower-grade and middle-grade students concerning Information and Comunication Technology.

The results show that the percentage of the obstacles spread that retard using Information and Comunication technology efficiently were ordered decreasingly from the students' points of views. Students deficiency in using English language got the highest percentage of the obstacles, followed by the lack of the teachers' experience in explaining the study material thoroughly. The least percentage was occupied by eye-weariness as the result of long-hour sitting in front of the computer screen. The percentage were successively 5%, 5% and 4%.

The researchers recommended that there is a necessity of doing more studies to discover the importance of inserting the understanding of education technology by doing and playing, to the children, and give importance to the studies cocerning with practical education and it's relation with Information and Comunication Technology.


Attitudes, Information and Comunication Technology, Obstacles.

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