Parents’ Attitudes Towards Sex Education and their Related Educational Practices in Greater Amman Region

Asma A. Salih, Ragda Shreim


The purpose of this study was to identify parents' attitudes towards sex education and their related educational practices in greater Amman Region and to determine the impact of gender, level of education, and age on these attitudes and practices. In order to achieve the aims of this study an instrument was developed and distributed to a sample of (645) parents (271 fathers and 374 mothers).

The study revealed the following results:

  • - Parents' attitudes and practices were positive, in general.
  • - There were statistically significant differences between females' and males' attitudes and practices in favour of females.
  • - There were statistically significant differences among levels of education in favour of higher education.
  • - There were no significant differences neither in attitudes nor in practices due to age, or to the interactions between these variables.


Sex Education, Attitudes, Parental Attitudes, Educational Practices.

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