Organizational Identification of Faculty Members at the Jordanian Public Universities and its Relationship to their Job Performance

Rateb Al-So’ud, Khaled A. Al-Srayrah


The Purpose of this study was to examine the Organizational Identification of the faculty members at the Jordanian public universities, and its relationship to their job performance.
The population of the study consisted of all 2905 Jordanian faculty members and 314 department heads, appointed on full-time basis at the Jordanian public universities. The sample of the study (n. 582; 77) was randomly selected.
Two instruments were developed for data gathering; the first instrument, a portfolio of respondents, is an Organizational Identification questionnaire which was first designed by Cheney (1982). The second is a questionnaire of the instrument to the heads of academic departments. It included a portfolio and a scale of job performance.
The results of the study indicated that the degree of Organizational Identification was high (3.97). The results also revealed that job performance of the faculty members from the department heads’ perspective was high (3.78).
A positive correlation was revealed between the Organizational Identification and job performance and the correlation coefficient was (0.49).


Jordanian Public Universities, Organizational Identification, Job Performance

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