The Checking Location of Track and Fields Players in Iraq and its Relation to their Motive Achievement

Amer S. Al-Khikani, Raed F. AbdulJabbar, Mohammad N. Al-Shimmari


This research aims at knowing the checking location of track and fields players in Iraq. Knowing the accomplishment motive of the seniors track and fields players in Iraq. Knowing the relational between the checking location and motive achievement of the seniors track and field's players in Iraq.

This research consists of sample of track and fields players in its different activities of (8) clubs in Iraq, (80) players in all clubs. Researchers added uses attributive curriculum to solve the problem of his research and he uses two articles to measuring checking location and motive accompany -lichen in the players, Finally the results that the researchers arrive to irate:

The most important results from the current study is that (67) players out of had internal locus of control which is (83.75%). The means of players on the measure of achievement motivation on both diamantes are (36.25%) for "success achievement motivation" dimension and (28.92) for "failure avoidance motivation" dimension. The result also showed significant correlation between the players locus of control and both "success achievement motivation and failure avoidance motivation".

According to what has been mentioned above, the researchers asserted the importance of monitoring psychological variables in advanced players, especially locus of control and achievement motivation, and to work with players in the light of those variables. The researchers also saw the ness city of modifying locus of control in players with external locus of control to enable them to practice more self-control given the relationship to their achievement motivation.


Motive Achievements, Checking Location

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