Integrativelly-based and Career-based Goals of Joining University among Students at Official Jordanian Universities

Salameh Y. Tanash


This study aimed at identifying integrativelly-based and career-based goals that Jordanian university students consider when joining university educatin. To achieve the purpose of the study, an instrument was developed that is consisted of three parts: demographic data; integrativelly-based goals and career-based goals. The sample of the study consisted of (953) university students from: The University of Jordan, Yarmouk University, Jordan University of Science and Technology and Mu’tah University. Data analysis involves means, frequencies and Chi-square.
The findings of the study revealed that integrativelly-based goals were important for students: enhancing the understanding of life, developing the adaptation abilities and developing the personality. On the other hand, the findings showed that a number of career-based goals were important for university students: Preparation for future work, developing the technical skills and developing the abilities in the workplace. The findings also indicated statistically significant differences among Jordanian University students in the two type of goals that could be attributed to gender, faculties, educational level and parents education. Finally, it is recommended that universities in Jordan should take into consideration such goals when planning and developing their programs.


Higher Education; University Students; Goals of Students; Personal Goals; Career Goals.

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