The Construction of a Tailored Test in Mathematics for Grade 8 Students Using the Pyramidal Strategy According to Rasch Model in the Latent Trait Theory

Z. Y. Da’ana


The aim of the study is to construct a tailored test in mathematics for grade (8) students using the pyramidal strategy according to Rasch model in the Latent Trait Theory.
Two tests were constructed, one for each semester. These tests measure the first five levels of Bloom Taxonomy at the cognitive domain and with four choices for each. These tests were administered to a sample of (376) examinees in a two-stage cluster-random method.
The data obtained was analyzed using the Rascal program, then horizontal equating was applied to achieve a common unitary scale, and this contains (62) items. Only (55) items were chosen to construct the pyramidal tailored test which consists of ten levels, ordered pyramidally according to difficulty with the number of items equal to the level number.

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