Application Reality of Knowledge Management in the Schools of the Departments of Qabatiya and Salfit from the Point of View of its Directors

Basem Mohammad Shalash, Nedal Fayez Abd Elghafour


This study aimed to know the reality of application of knowledge management in the education directorate in Qabatya and Salfeet schools, from the point of view of their managers.The researcher has used the analytical descriptive method.A questionnaire consisted of (44) criteria, implemented on a sample of (91) managers. The results showed that:

Managers responses were high at the level of the tool and school management and teachers domains, but it they were very high at the level of capabilities and technology domain.

There were no statistically significant differences at the level of school administration domain and teachers domain, due to study variables (sex, experience years, and academic qualification), and no differences at the level of the tool due to academic qualification variable.

There were differences at the level of the tool and at the level of teachers domain, due to sex variable, and in favor of females, and due to experience years variable, in favor of those with less than five years' experience, and due to academic qualification variable, in favor of those with master's degree.

In the light of these results the researchers presented a set of recommendations to officials in the Ministry of Education, teachers, and researchers.


knowledge management, Government schools.

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