The degree of competency of job performance for public secondary school teachers in the Education Directorate for the Second Zarqa District from their point of view

Awneih Abu Snaineh, Abdallah Alsalem


The current study aims to detect the degree of competence of public school teachers in the Directorate of Education for the second Zarqa District from their point of view. The study used the relational survey descriptive approach. The study community consisted of all public secondary school teachers in the second Zarqa District during the 2016/2017 academic year, their number (459) male and female teachers, and a simple random sample of (275) teachers was chosen and inspired, and in order to achieve the objectives of the study, the questionnaire was used as a tool to identify the degree of proficiency of the teachers from their point of view, and after collecting the data, it was analyzed and the arithmetic averages and standard deviations were found, the (T) test and the one-way analysis of variance.

The results indicated that the degree of efficiency of public secondary school teachers was moderate and that there were statistically significant differences regarding the gender deficiency in favor of males and regarding the scientific qualification variable in favor of higher scientific qualification and with regard to the experience variable in favor of those with higher experience and in light of the results the study made recommendations, including strengthening the teaching practices of government secondary school teachers for the governorate. On the level of teaching performance and encouraging participation in local and regional awards such as the Queen Rania Award for Distinguished Teacher and several training courses, allowing teachers who wish to continue their university studies and providing suitable conditions for that.


Job performance, competency for teachers, government secondary schools.

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