Level of Moral Intelligence and its Relationship to the Moral values of Gifted Students in King Abdullah II Schools for Excellence

Aziz Alrahamneh


This study aims at investigating the level of moral intelligence and its relation to moral values for a number of 10th grade gifted students at King Abdullah Schools for Excellence in the district of Salt at the governorate of Al Balqa. A descriptive and correlational approach is adopted in this piece of research. Questionnaire was employed for data collection; while (100) questionnaires were distributed, only (93) questionnaires were completed and given back. For the data analysis, Borba Scale (2003) adjusted by Nawasrah (2018), who made amendments on this scale to fit the Jordanian context, was used. The results of this study revealed that the median of the total moral values was (2.76) with mild level of appreciation and that the median of the total moral intelligence was (3.39) with mild level of appreciation. Furthermore, a direct relation was found between the total degree of the moral intelligence scale and the total degree of the moral value scale for the population of the study This research concludes with recommendations for cooperation between various social institutions to revise and work on concepts and several issues related to moral intelligence and moral values regarding gifted students.


Moral intelligence ; moral value ; gifted students

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