The Effectiveness of a Teaching Strategy Based on the Results of Brain Research in the Achievement of Science among Seventh Grade Students and their Motivation to Learn i

Ahlam Hamdoun, Ramzi Haroun


The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of an improved teaching strategy based on brain research results in students’ achievement of seventh grade science students and their motivation to learn it. The study sample consisted of (66) seventh grade students of Qasbah Amman public schools, distributed into two groups; the control group which consisted of (33) students taught using the usual method, and the experimental group, which consisted of (33) students, they were taught using an improved teaching strategy based on brain research results, over (20) sessions were implemented in the first semester of the 2018/2019 academic year. To answer the study questions, two study tools were prepared with verified validity and reliability to be applied on the study sample; which consisted of; students achievement test to measure student achievement in science, and motivation scale to measure student motivation towards learning science. The results showed that there is a positive impact of employing a developed teaching strategy based on the results of brain research in the achievement of seventh graders in science and their motivation towards learning it. In light of these results, the researcher recommended the adoption of this strategy developed by the Ministry of Education.


Effectiveness; instructional strategy; brain research; achievement; motivation.

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