The Effect of using Imagery To learn Some swimming skills and Focus Attention Among Students Between (9to 12) Old

Tamara Ziad Narmouq


This study aimed to investigate theeffect of using imagery to learn some swimming skills (Front Glide, Back Glide, Hold Breathing, Freestyle Kicking, Back Kicking, Treading Water and Focus Attention) among students between (9 to 12). The researcher used an experimental method. The selected sample consisted of 20 students (male/female) with no prior swimming experience. The sample was divided into two groups; experimental and control, each group consisted of 10 students. The control group went through the traditional teaching method while the experimental group was trained by imagery and traditional methods. The results showed a significant impact on experimental group in all variables expect for Front Glide skills. In addition, the experimental group has made a progress in post-measurement of focus attention test components with no statistically significant differences. The researcher recommends using imagery to display the essential swimming skills program in the coaching processes. Finally, the method is effective in getting across the means to attaining the required basic skills in swimming and improving focus attention for youth.


Imagery, Swimming, focus attention, Age group (9-12).

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