The Effectiveness of the Dialectical Behavioral Group Counseling Program in Reducing Post Traumatic Symptoms and Improving Psychological and Social Adjustment, and Educational Achievement among Syrian's Refugee Children in Jordan

Siham Abueita, Eman Arabiat


The study aims to realize the effectiveness of dialectical behavioral group counseling program in reducing posttraumatic symptoms, improving psychological and social adjustment, and educational achievements among Syrian's refugee children in Jordan. Study population consisted of (30) children, they were chosen from (Al –Ara'ek) one of Ministry of Social Development societies in year 2017. The children were randomly divided into two groups an experiential group and a control group, with 15 child in each one; three scale were developed; post-traumatic symptoms scale, social and psychological adjustments scale, and achievement tests. They were verified for validity and reliability, then applied as pretest, the counseling program was developed based on behavioral dialectic theory consists of (12) sessions, each session with 60 minutes, the program was implemented on the experimental group, then the scales were applied as posttest and fellow up. The results showed there were statistical significant differences in reduction of posttraumatic symptoms, improving social and psychological adjustment, and increasing educational achievement in favor of experimental group. There were no statistical significant difference between posttest and fellow up test in posttraumatic symptoms, social and psychological adjustment, and educational achievement. The study ended with some recommendations; developing effective therapeutic strategies intervention for Syrian's refugee children, benefiting from the current study program in the plan for intervention, counseling, prevention, and training of personnel.


Group counseling program; Dialectical behavioral theory; Post-traumatic symptoms; Psychological social adjustment; Educational achievement; Refugee Syrian's children.

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