A comparative Study for Some Kinematic Variables in two Different Swimming Start (Track start and Normal start)

Eyad Mohmd Abo-Touq, Osama Mahmoud Abdel-Fattah


The aim of this study was to identify the values of some kinematic variables for the starting phase in two different ways (track start and normal start), among Jordanian male team. In addition, the differences in these values depending on the start way. Furthermore, the relationship between swimmer speed and kinetic variables under study. To achieve this six elite swimmers from the Jordanian male team participated in this study performed the track start and normal start (age 18.75 ± 0.6 years; height 181 ± 3 cm; mass 70.50± 0.60kg; training age 6±0.60 y).. In order to obtain the study data, the sample of the study were filmed above water at 60 Hz by one digital video camera (Nikon, D3400) at the International Academy swimming pool -Amman The video data were analysis performed with Kinovea analysis program. This study involved (11) kinematic variables: time to start phase, take-off angle, entry angle and swimmer speed. According to the results obtained in this research, we can conclude that the technique of the study sample in the start phase is faulty, but the sample of the study achieved better results in (7) variables in the track start. In addition, the results showed statistically significant differences between the two different swimming start in reaction time, start phase time and average swimmer speed. There is also a statistically significant correlation between swimmer speed and Start phase time and underwater swimmer time. The researchers recommend that swimmers and trainers should be informed of the results of this study.


Kinematic, The track start, Normal start, start phase, Jordanian Team, Swimming.


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