The Challenges Facing Teachers in Inclusion of Students with Special Needs in the Jordanian Basic Schools from the Teachers' Point of View

Mohammad Abed Sakarneh


The study aimed to identify the most important challenges facing the basic schools' teachers in Jordan and suggesting solutions for them. The researcher used qualitative research method for the data collection and analysis and used interview technique. The sample consisted of ten teachers (5 males and 5 females). The results of the study revealed that the most important challenges facing teachers in the inclusion process were infrastructure, resources, funding, the classroom size, lack of time, lack of training and knowledge, lack of parents' involvement, evaluation and educational supervision and finally, attitudes towards inclusion of students with special needs. The implications of these results are discussed with respect to the suggested solutions in the policy and practices levels. Future directions for research, policy and practices are presented.


Inclusive education, students with special needs, basic education.

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