The Effect of Service Quality on Banks Marketing Performance: An Empirical Investigation of Managers Perspectives

Mamoun N. Akroush


The aim of this empirical research is to examine the relationship between the service quality dimensions (functional and technical) and bank marketing performance in the banking sector of Jordan. The service quality and performance literatures were carefully reviewed from which theoretical gaps were found that needed more empirical investigation. Consistent with the majority of previous research, this research employed a quantitative method to test the research model and hypotheses. A questionnaire was designed to collect data in relation to the service quality and marketing performance at banks operating in Jordan. Based on a multi-item construct of the service quality and marketing performance, primary data were collected from 174 managers working for 21 banks during 2005. The effects of the service quality dimensions on banks marketing performance were examined by using descriptive and analytical statistical methods such as multiple and simple regression analyses. The results indicate that the functional and technical quality dimensions, collectively, are significantly and positively related to the banks marketing performance. The results also indicate that reliability and responsiveness, respectively, are the strongest predictors in explaining variations of the banks marketing performance assessed by financial, market and customer based criteria. The research results and findings also indicated that the service quality at banks should include two dimensions, namely; functional and technical quality. Further, the functional quality is still more important than the technical quality and has a stronger relationship with all the banks marketing performance indicators. The technical quality should be part of service quality at banks, because it has a positive and significant relationship with banks ROI. Finally, research findings, contributions, limitations and future research directions are also discussed.


Service Quality, Bank Marketing Performance, Functional Quality, Technical Quality, Financial Services, Jordan

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