Expected and Perceived Quality of Municipality of Great Amman Library Services A Field Study from the Library Users' Point of View

H. Al-Ghadeer, Sh. Haddad, M. Judeh


This study aims at investigating the level of the expected and perceived quality from the point of view of the users of Municipality of Greater Amman library identifying the gaps between the two levels and comparing them against each of the quality dimensions. Conveniente sample of 350 respondents was selected, and a questionnaire was sent to the beneficiaries of the library. 320 valid questionnaires were answered, and the servqual scale was used to measure the gap between the expected and perceived quality against the five dimensions of quality which are tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy. Descriptive statistics such as, standard deviation, frequencies, and percentages were used to describe the sample characteristics. Correlation, regression, variance, t-test, and f-test were used for analysis and hypotheses testing. The main findings of the study indicated that the differences between the perceived and expected mean of the service quality were negative for each dimension of the quality dimensions, which meant that the perceived level of quality after using the library service is lower than the level of expected before using the library against all dimensions of the quality. This finding requires that library administration should improve quality of services provided for all users with regards to all quality dimensions.


Quality, Library, Expectation, Perceptions

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