Current Issue

Vol 10 No 1 (2017)

1. New Compounds in Extract of Eryngium Creticum Lam and Preliminary Biological Activity Evaluation

Salem A Barakat, Zaid A AlShloul, D T Burns


2. Insights of Microemulsions – A Thermodynamic Comprehension

Harini Chowdary V, Prasanna Raju Y, Basaveswara Rao MV, Sundaresan CR


3. Contemporary Strategies in Emulsified Drug Delivery Systems: A Retrospective Overview

Prasanna Raju Y, Gowri Y, Harini Chowdary V, Basaveswara Rao MV, Sundaresan CR


4. Formulation Development and Optimization of Press Coated Tablets of Ranitidine HCl by using 32 Factorial Design

Prasanthi Boddu, Nagabhusan rao Mudili, Uma devi Ponokumati


5. Effect of Processing Methods on Antioxidant Activity, Phenol and Flavonoid Content of Urtica kioviensis Leaves

Nidal Amin Jaradat, Iyad Ali, Abdel Naser Zaid, Murad Abualhasan

Published: 2017-06-12
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