Umayyad most important industries as manifested in poetry

AlMoutaz B Mansour


Photos industry looks at the Arabs in many Umayyad period in poetry poets, notes schools this hair is clearly evident that the Arabs in the Umayyad period knew different broad spectrum of industries; and mastered many arts them, and that their knowledge did not stop at those industries required by the necessity of pension, as Industries to related construction, or knitting, or other, but crossed to the other creatures, which called for the luxury nature of some of the people who lived era, such as; tanning, the industry statues.

These industries have been a source of income for professional and those who made it, as it was considered a major source of production in their community, as schools this hair is noted that the Arabs in this day and age were not Needy on other nations and tribes adjacent to them; such as Roman in the Levant, and the Persians in Iraq, and the Copts in Egypt, though they were business relationships with these nations and others, such as; the Ethiopians and Indians.

Poets Umayyads reflected in many of their poems and poetry know Arabs different industries that they were doing it, came this search reveals the Arabs of workmanship and her position, is it true that the Arab was despise industry and laser with its people, and it was the preserve of the slave and slaves and pro? Then to study the most important industries, most notably in the Umayyad period, and reveals the presence and whereabouts of the tools used by the manufacturer, and raw materials that were the underlying industry, and shows how the presence of these industries and their reflection in the notification of the Umayyads


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