Verbal Errors of Vowels in the French Language Committed by Students of French at An-Najah National University Analysis of Verbal Errors: A Comparative Study

Maha A Atmeh


This study aimed to identify the causes of verbal errors committed by students of French in pronouncing vowels especially among Arabic speakers. The study addressed the extent of the impact of mother tongue on these sounds and how to recognize the place of articulation in order to facilitate the process of pronunciation among Palestinian students in particular. The study followed the descriptive analytical approach by conducting recordings for multiple readings of texts in French read by French language students at An-Najah University. An analysis of these readings was conducted in order to determine the nature of verbal errors committed while comparing them to the sounds of Arabic and in some cases to English. Results indicated that students are primarily affected by the mother tongue that led to errors in pronouncing vowels in French. Results also indicated that speakers tend to reduce the several places of articulation of French vowels. The study recommended the importance of teaching Phonetics at an early stage in order to refine the student's skill in pronouncing difficult sounds in the French and to proceed to verbal correction exercises.


Vowels, Verbal Errors, Phonetics, Place of Articulation, Comparative Study, French Language


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