"The Intermingling of Alana with the Formation of the Intellectual Structuralism in the poetry of Mahmoud Sami Albourdi"

Hamed S Rwashdeh



The research aims at studying the intermingling of Alana and its interrelation and its compound relations with aspects of Nahnu and Huwa through the poetic text in Albourdi's poetry. It is atextual study according to the modern literary critical program. It is like the film program , formational program , analytical and conclusive program

It is quite clear that the aspect of Alana is currently used in Albourdi's poetry. It apparently suggests the intellectual thought. This deals with a group thought. The research aims at asking the poetic text and what contains of hidden procedures in receiving the group thought to reform its structure and disintegration, according to what the intellectual thought by discovering changes to form the changes that happen in the traditional structure in modern Arabic poetry to achieve the objective interpretation.


Poetry,albaroudy, modern, poetic image, poetic languge, study, the ego, the other , the others, the poetic ego


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