The factors leading to the Phenomenon of Sexual Harassment Against Girls as Perceived by Girls University Students and its Relationship With Some Variables

Faisal I Al matalkah, Yousef D Alkhatibyeh


The study aimed at investigating the factors leading to the phenomenon of sexual harassment against girls and it is relation with some variable. For this purpose a questionnaire was designed consisted of two parts: the first part is divided into three parts the personal variables such as: age, place of residence, marital status and academic level. The forms of sexual harassment, and the places where sexual harassment take place. The second part is the factors of sexual harassment and included (53) items consisted of five dimensions, the factors that attributed to the girl ,the family factors , media factors, economic factors, and the religious factors. A simple random sample of 2875 girl’s students was selected.
The results revealed that there are multiple forms of sexual harassment in which touching the female body was the most prominent one, and it mostly happening in crowded places. The findings also showed that the factors that lead to harassment are; the factors that attributed to the girl, the family factors, media and the religious factors. The findings also showed that economic factors are not considered to be one of the factors that lead to sexual harassment. The researchers suggested some of the following recommendations: the importance of reconsidered some policy concerning educational, religious speech, the inclusion of clear text in the Jordanian Penal Code explicitly states for the punishment of sexual harassment, conducting more in-depth studies of the phenomenon of sexual harassment, and taking the results of this study into account due to its importance in reducing the phenomenon of sexual harassment when implemented.


factors of Sexual Harassment, Harassment, Sexual Harassment


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