Hebron University Marital Silence Scale (HUMSS)

Nabeel J Jondi


This study aims at building Hebron University Marital Silence Scale (HUMSS), and investigating the psychometric properties of the scale among Palestinian spouses, the scale consists of 2 forms (man form and woman form).
A random sample of 362 spouses (176 wives, and 186 husbands) participates in the study from West Bank area.
Results reveal the existence of strong of internal consistency of the scale, and a significant Congruent Validity with both R-DAS and Psychological Divorce Scale. HUMSS Cronbach Alpha and Spearman Brown coefficients were (0.93) & (0.92) consequently.
Factor analysis resulted using Varimax rotation reveals four factors: these factors are: emotional attraction, understanding, communication, and social participating.
The researcher recommended further studies using the test in various Arab environments


Marital Silence, Marital adjustment, Psychological Divorce


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