The Role of Modern Adaptive Technology in Mainstreaming and Empowering Blind Individuals in the Jordanian Society: An Empirical Study from the Point of View of Blind Individuals in the Middle Region

Mohammad H AbuMelhim


This study aimed at understanding the status of blind individuals in the Jordanian society in terms of their ability to be mainstreamed and adapted in various social activities although the Jordanian society was able to deal with them as regular individuals who play a significant in society. This makes it necessary to investigate the modern adaptive technology available in order to mainstream and empower these individuals. The study sample consisted of 52 blind individuals. Results of the study revealed that modern adaptive technology plays a highly significant positive role in the lives of blind individuals. Furthermore, males felt a greater need and had a higher level of awareness than their female counterparts regarding their importance. In addition, educated blind individuals who reside in urban areas appreciated modern adaptive technology more than the uneducated who reside in rural areas.


Modern Adaptive Technology, Empowerment, Mainstreaming, Blind Individuals


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