Ibraheem Bazazo, Nabil Z AlHawamdeh


The study focused on the disclosure of archaeological heritage in the province of Hail, and planning and management using Geographic Information System (GIS), The study combines theory and practice, as it involves dealing with a theoretical framework (GIS), and contribute to a practical application to benefit from (GIS) to the possibility of storage and retrieval and modification, processing and presenting data, and maps drawn on the multi-layered, has reached a number of findings in particular: that the management and development of mosques and archaeological heritage by using the (GIS) provides the time and effort by relying on satellite and aerial images and topographic maps with high accuracy, analysis and access to accurate results in a very short period of time when compared to the duration of time required when using conventional means.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Promotion of Tourism, Spatial Data, Multimedia, Interactive Maps, Database, Hyperlink


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